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Authored by: Momodu Uskem & sons enterprises©
2008 - All Rights Reserved
Easy Internet BrowsingTM is the copyright property of Momodu Uskem & sons enterprises. You do not have the right to resell or commercialize this software by any means. Every unauthorized infringement is an offence which is punishable under law.

This system of browsing the internet is completely legal and free and efficient, we wish to note that we will not take responsibility for the motive and the use of this service. Kindly, bore in mind, that by using this product and service, you are taking full responsibility for your actions and therefore responsibility for actions taken are not transferable to us. We also are not responsible for the efficiency in the speed of connection as well as the the downtimes as we are not partners for any of the specified telecommunication networks and trademarks, as this is beyond our jurisdiction. This Installation is solely for information disseminations. All trademark names (GLO Mobile,
MTNMobile,CeltelMobile,FREEDOMServer,NOKIA,Samsung,Seimens,Motorola,Panasonic & Sony Erickson PC suite) are that of the respective owner. We wish to emphases that we are not in anyway related or affiliated
with neither GLOMobile Network nor Freedom Software. The dissemination of
this information is completely free and totally for information purposes
only. By using this information, you are taking full responsibility for all
your dealings.


Easy Internet Browsing is a completely free and simple way of
connecting to the internet without paying monthly subscription, except you subscribed to other packages provided by freedom server. You’ll
be able to connect to the internet through your mobile GPRS enabled
phone. Your GPRS enabled phone actually connect to a proxy server
which enables you to access the internet gateway directly. This
connection is completely easy. Investigations shows that
this connection is best connected to Glo Mobile GPRS as Glo network does not time out like other network connection does. This opportunity is strictly on GSM networks using GPRS as a Hub.


ü A GPRS Compatible Enabled Mobile Phone (Mostly Camera Phones are GPRS enabled)
ü A GLO GPRS enabled mobile Sim card (You can enable your Glo Sim card by simply calling GLO mobile customer service on 121.Instruct them about this and it will be done)
ü A PC Suite CD (This software in CD comes with your mobile phone if you purchase it new). If you don’t have it, simply visit any software shop and request for DKU5,DKU2 etc. Request for the specific software of your phone e.g. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sagem, LG and Sony Ericcson etc.)
ü Freedom Installation Software.
ü Mozilla Fire fox

With all these, you are set to connect your computer to the internet.
Therefore let us proceed;

Ø You can now switch on your GPRS enabled phone. Note that: You can activate your GPRS compatible phone by dialing Glo customer line on 121 OR type phone make and model without space to 667 or 927 e.g. sonyericssonT250i to 667 or 927. You will be asked to wait for 48hours to activate GPRS on your line. we advice that you get a dedicated line for this function to avoid calls disconnecting your connectivity while browsing.
Ø Connect your GPRS enabled phone to your computer’s USB
port through the accompany data cable and follow the next step
Find the following above USB data cables pictures as example of different type of USB cables.

Install the software for your phone i.e. PC suite or DKU 5 and install it on your system (Laptop/Desktop) allows it to run and save it. There are various installation processes depending on the mobile phone you use. For Nokia Mobile Phones, all you have to do is to install your Nokia PC suite and the modems install automatically.
This is the same for Sony Ericsson mobile phones as well. If you are
making use of DKU-5 cable, simply install the Modem software that
came along with your DKU cable. Incase of any problem refer to your mobile phone’s manual for how to install the Modem.

Install your freedom software
§ Download the freedom software to your desktop
§ Double click on it to open
§ Click on the next set-up
§ Click next six times as it appears
§ Then click finish
When you click finish, your “FREEDOM” icon will appear on your
Configuring your FREEDOM software
1. Click on the “FREEDOM” icon on your desktop
2. Cancel the Welcome configuration wizard. On the menu bar, click on
Port. When port opens, click/mark as show below on sock 4/5 and web proxy.

3. Click on messages on the menu bar. When it opens, click auto scroll and change minimum level from NOTICE to DEBUG.

4. Click status on the menu bar. When it opens, click on configure.

5. When configure opens, type (That is one the server Address. For a list of other server addresses, visit the last page
of this manual) in the Address bar. And change the protocol from http
to HTTPS or Vise visa

NOTE: 443 WILL APPEAR AUTOMATICALLY IN THE PORT BAR. When you use HTTPS but 80 WILL APPEAR AUTOMATICALLY IN THE PORT BAR if its HTTP. This is very important when you finding it difficult to connect easily

6. Still on the configure page, (See pix above) click/mark on the
following and leave others blank.
§ Automatically select the best server
§ Automatically connect on startup
§ Reconnect after server shut down
§ Do not show pop-up windows
§ Redirect socks 4/5 DNS to freedom
§ Enable encryption
§ Enable re-keying
7. At the right hand side of the configure page, type: 10000000 (ten million) in the space in front of initial post size and type 20000 (Twenty thousand) in the minimum post size.
8. with the aforementioned done, click on the account information
on the menu bar, type the username and the password (The username and password you received earlier or given to you ).

9. Click on proxy settings and type proxy address:
and proxy port: 3130

10. Please always Click- Save and Exit before leaving the page.
You are now ready to be connected to the internet
1. Install the Mozilla Fire fox browser that was sent to you as part of
the package. (If you have mozilla on your system already, then don’t
bother installing again).
2. When you finish installation, double click on the Mozilla icon on your
PC Desktop as shown below:

 Click on tools on the menu bar, on the dialogue, click on

 Click on advance, and then you click on network

Step 5
 Click on settings
 Click manual proxy configuration and edit the following detail.
Please see picture below:
HTTP PROXY: localhost port: 8080
SSL PROXY: localhost port:8080
FTP PROXY: localhost port:8080
Gopher PROXY: localhost port:8080
After Editing these details, click OK

After you are able to finish this configuration, simply start your PC
suite, and go to “Connect to the Internet” This will connect your PC to
the internet through your mobile phone.
After clicking the “connect to internet on your PC site
- A popup will come up like below:

-Click on the settings button to choose your modem and set the
connection for your GLO network. (See pix below);

-Choose the modem installed for your phone and click next to do the
network settings > Choose configure manually and follow this steps:

Access Point: glogwap
Username: gprs
Password: gprs

Then Click connect….
----You should get connected to your mobile phone now, but this won’t
give you access to the internet yet.
To get access to the internet, Run your freedom software and click
start connection on your freedom software. And you should get free
access to the internet now.

Please note that the picture above is an illustration and is meant for
Nokia Phones. If you are using a different phone modem, kindly check
with your mobile phone’s Manual (that came originally with your
phone) on how to connect your computer to the internet through your
mobile phones Modem.
When you are connected to the internet, simply type your desired
website address into your browser (e.g. )and you’ll be able to connect to the internet. We are quite confident that you’ll not be charged for browsing the internet with this method.
At this point, enjoy your browsing experience and make
sure that you use it legitimately as this is very important. Thanks for
Subscribing to Easy Internet Browsing at Momodu Uskem & sons enterprises.

Below are list of the other ten servers that you can connect to:
To Configure Your MetaTrader Platform For Internet
Connectivity Follow The process Below:
Go to your trading platform and choose TOOLS, In the drop Down
Menu, Choose OPTIONS.
Under server, choose enable proxy and choose proxy. for
(HTTP/HTTPS) specify that you the address be (localhost) and port be
(8080) if it is (SOCKS 4/5 choose 5) address (localhost) and port be
(1080). Your server should be either and
enter your username and password you got from the freedom website
For more enquiries and support, simply send an email or call the
person that sold the software and manual to you. Do have an
enjoyable and Easy internet browsing experience.
Momodu Uskem & sons enterprises.,
© Copyright 2008 – Momodu Uskem & sons enterprises.


3100, 3200, 3300, 3510i, 3650, 5100, 6100, 6220, 6510, 6600, 6610i, 6650, 6800, 6820, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7600, 7610, 7650, 7700, 8910i, 9500
S55, SL55, ST55, MC60, M55, C60, SX1
Sony - Ericsson
T68i, T300, T610, T630, P800, P900, P910i
V200, P400, E700, D410, X100, X430, X600
7100, 8000
535, 556, 735, 756

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